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What is Scentsy?

Scentsy provides you with a safer alternative to wicked candles for enlivening the senses in your home.

Our specially formulated candle wax is designed to warm in our high-quality wax warmers from the heat of a low-watt light bulb or heating element. Since we warm our wax, there is no wick to burn and no black soot build up. Our candle wax only gets slightly hotter than our normal body temperature when warmed. As a result of this, our products are safe to use around children and pets.

We offer over 80 different scents to choose from along with a new release every month. As an added bonus, all our Warmers, Diffusers and portable Scentsy Go systems come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. So, whether you are looking for warmers and candle wax, diffusers and oils, products on the go, cleaning products, or fun buddies for the kids, we truly do have something for everyone to enjoy.