Element Warmers

Element warmers are medium and full sized high quality Scentsy warmers that use the heat of a heating element under the dish to melt our specially formulated Scentsy Bars. These distinctive element warmers were designed for smaller areas like bedrooms and for those that love to use our warmers but don’t want the light of a warmer keeping them up at night. Since there is no light bulb inside the warmer, there is no internal glow to give off light in the dark. Each element warmer has a convenient on/off switch located on the cord and also has a red light on the warmer to let you know the warmer is working. These warmers also come with our lifetime warranty guarantee. Don’t forget about our new cord concealing warmer stands to hide all the extra cord and help protect your table tops and flat surfaces. I highly suggest you have a stand for all of your warmers so your warmer has room to breathe.

Due to the size of the element warmers, I suggest you use a single wax cube to fill your space with delectable Scentsy fragrance. These warmers are perfect for bedrooms and personal office spaces.


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